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Rentals / Demos

Either to  "Test Drive"  your future eFoil or just to enjoy unforgettable moments with Friends & Family,  this experience was designed for You. Flying in  complete silence over the water is real.
Offer this amazing Gift to someone Special.
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Duration: 1 hour
Value for 1 board:    140 €
Value for 2 boards: 200 €
Beach departure:  maximum 4 people
Boat departure :    5 or more people
Number of boards:  1 board (1 to 2 people), 2 boards (above 3 people)
Location: beaches or marinas in Cascais or Oeiras
24-hour advance booking required.
You can also book this experience from another location of your choice. Call to know more.
Unforgettable moments and lots of Fun !!
Important Notes:
Minimum recommended age: 14 years (written authorisation from Parents required).
Experience using a boat have an extra charge of  100€.
We refund 100 € in case of purchase of the equipment.
The presence of an instructor is always necessary.
The battery life varies depending on the user's evolution. If you can evolve fast and take advantage of Foil wing, it can go up to 85 minutes. Otherwise, it may last around 50 minutes. You can expect  the experience lasts around 60 minutes.
The above figures do not include VAT