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Rentals / Demos

Either for a Test Drive or to enjoy unforgettable moments with Friends or Family flying over the water in complete silence, this experience was made for you. Talk to us and book your experience now!

It can even be the ideal gift to give to someone special.


Duration between 60 and 80 minutes.

Battery energy consumption varies with user's weight and progress.


Price 1 board :   200€


Price 2 boards : 250€

(125€ per board)


Price 3 boards : 300€

( 100€ per board)

Price 4 boards  : 550€

Ideal for larger groups ,up to 8 participants.

Includes support boat (see image below)  with skipper

In addition to the 8 participants, up to 4 more companions can join the boat ride.

Approximate duration of 2 hours

This experience can be increased to 12 participants, time is also extended to 3 hours.

For this option we take a pack of 4 additional batteries - value 750€



Beach Experience: Tamariz beach in Estoril

Maximum 1 guest  per board

Boat Experience: Oeiras Marina

Maximum 3 participants per board

24-hour advance booking required.

Minors need parental consent and disclaimer.

In case of purchase of equipment, we will refund €100 of the total rental.

The presence of an instructor is always necessary.

Battery life varies depending on the user's evolution. If you can evolve quickly and enjoy the Foil kite, you can go up to 85 minutes. Otherwise you can stay for 50 minutes. Normally, the experience lasts around 60 minutes.

The values ​​above do not include VAT

RNAAT 446/2021

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