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dji waydoo  flyer one  specs 5.png
dji waydoo flyer one specs 6.png
dji waydoo vs lift and fliteboard.png
dji waydoo flyer one spec 7.png
dji waydoo remote controler spec.png
dji waydoo masts 2.png
dji waydoo wings.png
dji waydoo flyer one safety features.png
dji waydoo overboard electric motor 1.png
dji waydoo Outboard Motor.png
gif waydoo

gif waydoo

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Waydoo Flyer One has a maximum propulsion output power of 3.6 KW.

This is equivalent to 4.5 HP and is therefore exempt from registration, inspection, verifications and fees (Decree Law 93 / 2018 in Article 16)

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